Monday, July 31, 2006

we end where we begin

hi friends old and new

well, this is it - i've taken the plunge into the blogosphere - on second thoughts, you maybe can't plunge into a could bounce one...anyway, here i am...after being plied with offers of ever-deepening friendship, free movies, and a glass or two of whiskey, i am starting a blog.

it'll be about the things that i care for. so there'll be movies, there'll be politics, there'll be art, there'll be music, there'll be discussions of non-violence, there'll be opportunities to be involved in activism to make the world a better place, all through the lens that i can't quite seem to let go of - the notion that god IS, and that if that statement is true, then god is both bigger than any ideas i have about him/her, and at the very least, god is nicer than me.

i'd love to share some of this with you, so please, come bounce a sphere with me.


Alice said...

Hi Gareth
Thanks for the invite.
I thought I'd find a wee space to write at the bottom of your blog. If you've any spare prayers I'd so appreciate them...I kayaked off a waterfall at the weekend and sprained a ligament, then I backed my bosses car into a tree today then next week i get surgury for a past surfing accident....sign, NZ is fun, but it does have its down side! Hope Belfast is treating you well.
PS. Hi to all Gareth's mates.....I'm the one who made him wear a bright yellow dicky bow to the school ball many orbits around the sun ago, and he still talks to me :)

The Royal Scribe said...

I like the title of your blog, Gareth. Thought you might like to know that God is here too!