Friday, March 07, 2008

the return of film talk

all good things to those who wait - after a nearly 9 month long hiatus, enough time for a new human life to be created, jet tloe and i have returned to our podcast, now re-born and re-christened 'the film talk'. find it on i-tunes or at

and let us know what you think.


Ben Whitehouse said...


I really enjoyed the previous incarnation of film talk but then it disappeared for a while.

Glad it's back.

portinexile said...

Gareth - check this out:




John O'Donohue was an Irish poet and philosopher beloved for his book Anam Cara — Gaelic for "soul friend" — and for his insistence on beauty as a human calling and a defining aspect of God. Before his untimely death this year, he spoke with Krista in our studios. And so this hour has become a remembrance of him. But John O'Donohue had a very Celtic, lifelong fascination with what he called "the invisible world." And he would also surely see this also as a serendipitous continuation of his life's work — of bringing ancient Celtic wisdom to modern confusions and longings.

Program Details

Unheard Cuts
» Complete, Unedited Interview (mp3, 1:22.37)
Fortunately, Krista was able to interview John O'Donohue in person shortly before his death. Being nearly two hours in length, we had to cut many ideas. Take part in the process, and let us know what you think.

» Recited Poems
Since many of the poems O'Donohue recited during the interview didn't make it into the final, produced program, we wanted to offer them as mp3 downloads for you to enjoy at your leisure.
SoundSeen: Narrated Slideshow
» "Beannacht"

We've woven together the late Irish poet's reading of his poem with his friends' photographs of the Celtic landscapes he loved.

SOF Observed
» Blog Post: "Irish Singing, Old School"
» Blog Post: "Your Help Is Our Musical Gain"
A healthy dose of research went into the essential music chosen for this program. Senior producer Mitch Hanley posted a video about the style of Gaelic singing called sean-nos and tells about the helpful contributions of an Irish listener from Belfast.

» Blog Post: "John O'Donohue's Landscape"
Producing a narrated slideshow takes a fair bit of time, even for the very brief ones. Producer Colleen Scheck traces her journey and the small world we travel in.

Voices of Our Audience
» Your Reflections ¦ tell us and other audience members what this program meant to you.
Voice on the Radio
John O'Donohue John O'Donohue
O'Donohue is a poet and philosopher who has written several books, including Anam Cara and Conamara Blues. He died on January 3, 2008.

Jett Loe said...

It's great to be doing the show again. Oh, and I'm legally changing my name to Jet Tloe.