Monday, July 30, 2007

(slightly) disappointing simpsons movie

it made me laugh, but not as much as some of the episodes. quite surprised to find that they didn't seem to invest the time and thought necessary for a truly great script. not enough mr burns. good tom hanks cameo. nice to see the scope of springfield on a big screen. homer eats electrofied fish and nearly kisses a pig. funnier than it sounds. and everyone gets forgiven and goes home.


Fat Roland said...

And the chainsaw through the letterbox and the general slowly losing it and Bart's willy and the 'gay gay gay' in the church and the...

Wasn't too convinced with Tom Hanks though. Then again, I never am.

Kester said...

I think you're being harsh here. I saw it today and loved it.

If everyone just saw this movie after Series 2 they'd consider it a classic. We've just come to expect SO much. It still kicks the ass of virtually everything else. And how good to see proper animation on screen again? Shrek the Turd by comparison.... so nice to see pen and ink, rather than CGI.

And Bart's willy. COME ON! That was truly hilarious!

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

got to see it now....i mean we get to see Bart's willy - kester, did you come over all unecessary??????

looking forward to seeing you great's been too too long

Andy said...

Homer said it all at that start..why are you paying to see this!
Its good but no better than (a long)an average episode of Simpsons on TV