Saturday, March 24, 2007

belfast film festival: the kick off

two days into the fest - and the qft bar was filled to the rafters after the screening of 'night of the sunflowers' - a quite special, very stylish, bleak thriller set in the spanish countryside and so evocatively filmed that you almost feel like you're getting a tan.

highlights today of this lovely festival that fills our city with good cinema for 11 days:

railroad all-stars

ten canoes
john malkovich as klimt
ghosts of cite soleil


Lurig said...

Ok. I've thought about it for days now and I need to know: God is not everywhere - what does this mean. Second: postmodern theology - what does this mean and what are the main writers/ thinkers/ books.

gareth higgins said...

mmm - thanks for asking - i'll say something simple about the first part of the question:

god is not elsewhere - is a phrase that a spiritual mentor who means the world to me once used in my hearing. what it means to me is that no matter where you are or what is happening, god is right there too. this kind of lens can lead to fear - as in the way religious fundamentalism can terrify people into thinking that god is ready and waiting to slap them down any time they make any kind of simple error. this is not what i mean by god is not elsewhere. i am trying to explore the idea that the presence of god permeates everything, and that in a god-breathed creation, there cannot be a secular atom in the universe.