Friday, November 17, 2006


just saw an early preview screening of the lionsgate movie 'trade', due to be released in the u.s. next april. it's a film about the horror of human trafficking; and the role that westerners play in creating the demand. if it is released in its current form, it will be one of the most shocking movies produced by a mainstream studio. while it isn't as harsh as lukas moodysson's 'lilya 4-ever', and it has a hollywood through line that is a little too much closure for comfort, 'trade' is an important movie because if it is seen widely enough, it might just serve as a catalyst to motivate people to do something about this modern slave trade. meantime you can find out more and take action right now from friends at

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Julie said...

i was only able to stay for about the first hour of the film....and have not been able to get it off my mind.

it's one of those films that it hurts deeply to watch, yet you know you must. it pains me deeply to know that this is happening right now! and then even more so when i look at my small daughter....i cannot imagine how deep a mother's sorrow would be when losing a daughter to traffickers.

i hope anyone with the opportunity sees this cliche, but knowledge is power