Thursday, October 26, 2006

the experience of vertigo

went to see vertigo at last night; the third time i've paid to see hitchcock's masterpiece on that particular big screen - if you've seen it, you probably understand why. there's something unrepeatable about the atmosphere of a cinema, the collective anticipation of an audience, and the feeling when the lights go down.

'vertigo' is, first and foremost, a bloody good thriller - whose superficially simplistic plot still manages to keep us guessing to the end. beyond that, it's a dreamland for the freud in all of us (if that itself is not a freudian slip). ultimately, this is a film about men and women, and the archetypal lack of understanding between us. it's about how we are tempted to make those we love into our own image; and how when love is lost, we may be drawn to do anything we can to get it back.

hitchcock wasn't known exactly for his healthy relationships, but then again it may well be the case that you don't have to be good to be wise.


barry taylor said...

it is also features one of the many great film scores by Bernard Herrman( Psycho, Citzen Kane, Taxi Driver) and actually features more music than dialogue which is an testinomy to Herrman's cinematic musical sensibility--hello from LA Gareth, am enjoying your blog--hope we talk soon, Barry

gareth higgins said...

indeed mr taylor - the music of mr herrman is what makes this film one of the most atmospheric ever made

Anonymous said...


Greetings from Northern Canada!

I completely agree with you on "Vertigo." I've never seen it on the big screen but have nearly worn out my old VHS copy.

By the way, I loved your "How Movies Helped Save My Soul." I have a well-thumbed copy on my shelf that I've read from start to finish several times and flipped through many more times. You have a unique gift of bringing faith issues to bear on movies in a way that is never forced and usually leads to more profound understandings of both. Keep it up my friend!


Existential Punk said...

i saw it on the big screen taught shot by shot by roger ebert at the virginia film festival in 1994. That was a fantastic experience!

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

Dear dr, ooo, you don't have to be good to be wise - there's a conundrum - but one i like, for who really is good?

Must level 5 soon friend

gareth higgins said...

level 5 indeed lulu - i've been trying to call ya but to no avail - has your cell number changed?