Friday, September 22, 2006

children of men

if you want to see a magnificent film - though very depressing - but a tremendous story of being in favour of life above all else, go see 'children of men', just released in the uk (it's out in the states on christmas day)

this story of a dystopian future in which all women have become infertile, and humanity awaits its end stars the appropriately distant clive owen, along with julianne moore, michael caine in a superb and moving cameo that reminds us why he should be allowed to live forever, and peter mullan as a crazed scotsman who always refers to himself in the third person.

as is my wont i'll prefer not to say much about the plot, but this really a remarkable film. its key theme is doing everything to keep life alive, and the documentary-style fashion in which it is made grips your vision as if your own life depends on it. alfonso cuaron directs some of the most incredible one-take scenes i've ever seen, and the narrative throttles along to make it one of the smartest action films ever made.

let me reiterate - this is a very depressing film but its heart is set on one thing: the absolute need, in the face of what may seem like unremitting darkness, to honour human life.

along with 'little miss sunshine' and 'the new world' it's the best film i've seen this year.


chandra said...


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Steve said...

Children of Men at the Cinema or Dodgeball on DVD?
Children of Men at the Cinema or Dodgeball on DVD?
Children of Men at the Cinema or Dodgeball on DVD?
Children of Men at the Cinema or Dodgeball on DVD?
Children of Men at the Cinema or Dodgeball on DVD?
Children of Men at the Cinema or Dodgeball on DVD?




S xxx

Simon3W said...

I see why you say it -- I cried -- but the scene where they come down the towerblock stairs with something-important-to-the-plot was, I thought, the opposite of depressing. Generally horrifying and terrifying, possibly. Agree on the one-take thing though; quite a shock to see blood on the camera lens.

Existential Punk said...

Went to see Hollywoodland the other night and saw a preview for this film and thought it looked incredible! Glad someone i respect so much what they say about films liked it! :) Looking forward to it's release here. Adele

Anonymous said...

Similarly thought it was excellent - thought don't agree it was depressing. Reminded me of what you said about "The Queen": about people who stand for something bigger than themselves in a selfish, live for the moment world. (Remind you of what the church should be?) In that sense, profoundly uplifting. Also, in the stunning way the action scenes are shot, confirms "Saving Private Ryan" as an incredibly influential movie.
2 reservations:
1) "The Fish" is a rubbish name for a supposedly subersive terrorist group.
2) Moment where Clive Owen says to key female character "Follow me" (paraphrase) in the middle of the night; she says "OK" (only just a paraphrase) for no reason other than he said so. Come on! Why? She's not stupid. Why trust what he says? (Although clearly she's proved right to do so in the end).
Great film though.
Dave Meldrum

mister tumnus said...

i probably won't see this film but what you've written about it makes me think of 'the handmaid's tale' by margaret atwood (similarly set in dystopian future with problems of infertility etc.). would recommend that book if you haven't read it; it's excellent. and i wonder how much this film draws on it.... i may never find out...

Colin said...

totally agree.
Thought this was amazing!
Best futuristic type film i've seen. Depressing, but actually what i'm hoping for is to be amazed when we get to 2027. A serious reminder of our need for grace.

Anonymous said...

i saw this film recently and i found it very disturbing. both my wife and i reckoned what worried us about it was, there is such a small step from where we are now to where some of what was portrayed in the film.

Remove the infertility issue, and you are left with 'fortress Britain', ID cards, big brother policing and no oil.

nice thought eh?

Anonymous said...

To quote Ace Ventura

'Like a g-l-o-v-e!!!!!!!'