Monday, August 21, 2006

what is blogging for?

so, i've been at this blogging malarkey for a couple of weeks now and i'm enjoying it. it's kinda nice that some of you out there are happy to connect with this blog.

i am intrigued by one thing, though - last week i wrote a post about the president of iran and his veiled threats against the u.s. one of you good people has responded to this post. the next day, i wrote a short of review of the new will ferrell movie. TEN posts in response!

perhaps there is a lesson in the fact that the score is currently ferrell 10, ahmadenijad 1, but i just wanted to say that i'm eager to see traffic on the political stuff as well as the comedy!


Steve said...

nah, it's the same across the blogosphere - comments are a curate's egg. If you're too succinct, no-one will comment, they'll just be awestruck by your awesomeness.

As well they should be.

see you at GB


The Harbour of Ourselves said...

steve is right - it's a pain in the arse mate

Fat Roland said...

I don't think blog comments are the greatest indicator of society's concern or lack of concern for issues of international importance.

I'm sure Morcambe and Wise got more viewers than Panorama, but we didn't beat our brows about it.

Incidentally, I decided focus the theme of my blog at the beginning of July. I wrote more about music and less about trivial crap. Since I did that, my traffic is dropping off by, oooh, about 8% a month.

But's it's quality not quantity that counts. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

fernando said...

i have almost no idea about comments. the most commented piece on my blog was a throwaway about a small business news story that generated a lot of heat. most of the best posts I have written (well the ones that felt meaningful to me) have passed without comment.

Brodie said...

Who knows why some things get comment and others don’t, but for what it’s worth and for the sake of leaving a comment here’s my thoughts.
Steve is right in that when a post is either well written or the writer knows his stuff then us mere mortals are dumbstruck. It's like the writer has said it all and it feels a little patronising to comment "well said".
Others don't want to be shot down in flames so will not comment on thorny issues.
My parting thought is this that lack of comments does not equal lack of influence. Perhaps people are so busy thinking over, working through what you write that they are not yet ready to comment?

Royzoner said...

Yeah I commented on your near-genius commentary on Mike Wallace through iChat, which is sorta like commenting on the blog except you are live and in person, sort of.

Existential Punk said...

Here, i am commenting! The first on your blog. i find to get more traffic to your blog means having to visit other blogs and comment there. Humans are a strange species! Glad yer blogging! i LOVE your perspective on life. Cheers! Adele