Sunday, August 13, 2006

human hospitality

at the soliton sessions in ventura this week several thoughts collided as i found myself sharing the presence of doug pagitt, shane claiborne, si johnston, ched myers, kester brewin, greg russinger and the bridge communities - all worth a bit of a google if you've time to read up on these marvellous people (and if you want an object lesson in hospitality you should go and stay with my amazing friends jared and regina williams):

bonhoeffer - if you're in love with your vision of community, your community will fail. if you're prepared instead to love people, then you might just succeed at building community.

hospitality is more than having friends over for dinner - it is an attitude of mind and heart - a demeanour of generosity toward everyone and everything. that's too important to miss, so i'll say it again: hospitality is more than having friends over for dinner - it is an attitude of mind and heart - a demeanour of generosity toward everyone and everything.

also - what would the world look like if we based politics on hospitality? if we saw foreign policy as an opportunity for nations to show each other generosity?


jared said...


Love your thoughts and I'm thrilled that you have finally joined the blogosphere. I must say however, that I take personal offense to the fact that you've already blogged more year to date than I have, and I am making a personal committment right now to fill my blog with senselessly scrumtrilescent posts over the next few weeks to show you how it's REALLY done.

Just kidding.
No I am not.

It was also Bonhoeffer who said that "Community is forsaking your place of safety for the sake of another."

And it is that perspective that I have experienced in my frienship with you as I've watched you abandon self preservation to invite those around you into a shared vulnerability and offer yourself wholly without demanding anything in return.

Maybe hospitality is the catalyst for community.

Julie said...

Well Gareth I can't be as erudite as Jared but....

it's was nice to talk with you, only if briefly in Miki's garage. And hearing you speak at Jared's was very thought provoking and sent me on a new journey of introspection.

Until our paths cross again - Julie

Rob Spain said...

Thank you for your generosity in sharing your life with me. I have to second you on Jared and Regina being perfect examples of hospitality. Glad to see you have joined the blogosphere. I look forward to sharing more life with you.

Yankee said...

Personally, think rights --everyone's rights not just mine--are a good basis for foreign policy, generosity is a good basis for dinner, and perhaps dinners are a good basis for community.

Only partly attempting to be glib. Of course religions have recognised the dinner thing for a long time; there is communion/Lord's Supper but I also seem to remember Sikh Gurdwaras are bound to offer food to anyone who comes to the door. I wish I had tried it when I had the chance; there are not many opportunities in Belfast.

By the way, from the favourite films bit of this blog: Magnolia? pretentious drivel. There, as recommended by Gareth, that's off my chest. I feel better now. I don't care about the movie at all now.

michel said...

Interesting thread. Lots to chew on. It's too bad Jared's threats are idle because we really miss his regular presence in the blogosphere.

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